Chapter Two (take two)

Life upheavals threw me into Chapter Two of my life about four years ago. For about a year, I was pretty numb.  All I remember of that time was that God carried me. Then about three years ago, I realized that I was ready to move on from Chapter One of my life to whatever was next.  So, I began this blog, and wrote just a tiny bit.  I called it Life in Chapter Two. But, to be honest, I still had no idea of what would fill the blank pages of that next chapter.

Well, maybe I still don’t.  But, I’m going to share this journey, anyway. We will just pick up from here and watch together as the pages are written!

A few pages of my life have been written during the past three years.  First of all, I have so much more awareness of my own value.  I have friends and family who really love me.  I sure appreciate their patience as I continue to be a work in progress.

Also during these three years, I have had major economic changes in my life.  I began a career as an insurance agent.  It started as a bit of a back-up plan, but then moved to a place of greater importance. I have become an expert on most everything Medicare.  I also have helped quite a few people with their health, supplemental and life insurance plans.  Health Insurance is a crazy world these days, and I am glad to help navigate that world for individuals who would otherwise need to do it alone!

In my home life, I have become even more ingredient-conscious over the years. My need to avoid gluten has caused me to read labels more faithfully.  As a result, I determined to avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible.  I continue to clean in non-toxic ways (which actually clean better in most cases!).  But, I have stepped up my game some, by working diligently to eliminate toxin-containing products from my daily routines.  It’s amazing how many toxins are in products I had used daily.  (Think toothpaste and shampoo!)  The toxins are ingested or absorbed into skin, and I no longer want to live with the undesirable consequences of this.

Meanwhile, while eliminating toxins, I want to eliminate several pounds.  Somehow, weight I had lost got added back on during the last couple years. So, I am taking my gluten-free self, and pushing through to weight loss by nourishing by body correctly.  I’m learning that when it has what it really needs, the cravings for the harmful things lessen. (I’m not going to lie and say they go away.  At least – they haven’t yet.)

So, come journey with me.  I can’t promise it will be pretty.  But, I can promise I will keep pushing forward.





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